Our Services

Temporary Visas

We work with employers to prepare and submit visa applications for temporary employment in nonimmigrant visa categories including but not limited to:

Specialty Occupation (H-1B & E-3)
Intra-company Transfer (L-1)
Treaty traders/investors (E-1/2)

Foreign Students (F-1)

Canadian and Mexican Professionals (TN)
Business Visitor (B-1)
Extraordinary Ability (O)
Athletes and Entertainers (P)
Religious Workers (R-1)
Exchange Visitors [Trainee & Internship] (J-1)

Permanent Residence

We assist companies supporting employees for permanent residence (“green cards”) in all of the Employment-based green card categories, including:

Priority Workers (EB-1)
Professionals with Advanced Degrees (EB-2)
Exceptional Ability (EB-2)
Professional, Skilled and Other Workers (EB-3)
Special Immigrants (EB-4)
Investors and Employment Creation (EB-5) 

Family Immigration

We represent individual U.S. citizens and green card holders in sponsoring their close family members for U.S. Residency including:

K-1 Fiancée 

Spouse of U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident
Son or daughter of U.S. citizen
Child of U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident
Derivative U.S. citizenship

U.S. Citizenship

We provide legal representation with applications for U.S. naturalization, including preparing applications and accompanying clients at personal interviews with immigration officers at USCIS.

Consular Processing

We offer our clients representation for nonimmigrant and permanent residence processing at many U.S. Embassies and U.S. Consular Posts abroad.  Our services include:

Guidance on documentary requirements and interview preparation, filing treaty trader and investor company registration applications, and immigrant visa processing assistance.

Corporate Compliance

We advise US employers on all aspects of visa sponsorships for foreign nationals, in addition to the following:

I-9 Employer Compliance

ICE Site Visits

Department of Labor Audits