Firm Overview

Our law practice takes an active and personal interest in each case represented. We enjoy the balance of business and individual clients since each visa category demands a different set of professional, legal and interpersonal skills and knowledge.

Firm's Approach to the Practice of Immigration Law

● To provide knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, personalized, and timely legal services.
● To navigate complex immigration laws and simplify them for clients.
● To act as negotiator or liaison between clients and various government agencies.
● To provide direct access to experienced immigration counsel for information and advice.
● To strongly advocate for clients' immigration benefits.
● To provide courtesy reminders, where applicable, related to status expiration and filing deadlines.

We believe we are also set apart by our high regard for professional ethics, including confidentiality.

Need for Immigration Counsel

U.S. immigration laws are increasingly complex and burdensome. They may also be harsh and punitive to an unsuspecting employer, qualifying  relative, student, or even a visitor. A skilled immigration lawyer can optimize the chances of a successful outcome of a client's case, and increase efficiency during the process. Lawyers can act as negotiator or liaison between clients and the various branches of the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of State (embassies and consular posts abroad.)


The area of family based immigration law has become strewn with unsuspecting roadblocks. It would seem apparent that a legitimate case, based upon a relative relationship such as a spouse, parent, son or daughter, should be readily approved.  

Further, the online filing appears straightforward. The difficulties lie in guessing at answers that may have adverse consequences, and failing to accompany the petition and application with adequate supporting documentation. In addition, USCIS has now insisted on interviews in matters previously not required to have them and has increased scrutiny of the financial ability to support the family beneficiaries. More than ever, legal representation has become necessary to assist both petitioners and beneficiaries to safely navigate the process.


Today, the complexity and frequent changes in immigration laws have a significant impact on the workplace. The firm assists employers and foreign workers by obtaining U.S. work visa classification for qualified foreign nationals on a temporary and/or permanent basis. Legal advice can also help ensure ongoing compliance with U.S. immigration laws post-Petition approval. U.S. immigration laws impose stiff penalties for employers who violate them, even unknowingly.